Welcome to my home page. I have tried to keep it  as simple as possible to keep download times to a minimum.

I am just beginning to get my feet wet in web page design, so please bare with me as my skills grow!!!

Needless to say ,it will be under construction most of the time. If you recognize anybody in the old photos, please let me know who they are so I can identify them!!!

I live in the Northeast corner of Georgia and I have been involved in modeling since the late 40ís. A lot of off and on due to jobs and home projects (ie, Honey Do Lists!) I still do not have the time to devote to the hobby as I would like, but, maybe one of these days... Flying space is scarce in this area, and since I have a rather large backyard, although not very smooth, I chose to concentrate on my first choice of aircraft, which just happens to be rotary!!! I started in R/C in about 1955 with a Mambo and a Berkley DE Aerotrol. I still have it!! After 4 + years in the Air Force I acquired a ControlAir Single Ch. Galloping Ghost and then a Min-X Galloping Ghost system that I flew(attempted to fly) in a MayFly and CG Falcon Jr.  I acquired my first true proportional radio in about 1968 which was a Kraft Gold Series Single Stick in a Kraft Ugly Stick.. My good friend, the late George Jordan of Cocoa Fl. helped me keep it in one piece! I added a Heathkit transmitter to my collection and finally moved up to a ACE Silver Seven S/S...I now fly an ACE Micropro 8000 S/S, a Micro Star 8000, and a couple of low end Hitecís for electric planks. First heli was a Heliboy, and was taught to setup and fly by my good friend Bill Youmans. After moving to  Georgia from Florida in '82, I did not participate in the hobby for about 10 years...I still have the Heliboy (flyable for nostaliga events) 2 bent frame Xcells,a plain Shuttle with a Hughs 500 fuse and a Raptor.. As time permits, I am working on a scale project of a Sikorsky H-19 (S-55)..I intend to mould and layup my own fuse..  I will post pictures as I make progress.. Will probably use one of the Xcell mechanics.. Since my eye sight is not as good as it once was, most of my flying has to be low and slow...I am trying to master precision hovering, but have a long way to go!!

Latest adventure is machine tools.I have an EMCO Maximat V10-P and a Harbor Freight 33686 mill/drill. I am just learning to use them as I have almost no experience in machining. I have a Unimat SL 1000 that my wife gave me for Christmas in 1964.I am in the process of building a minature steam engine frombar stock for the experience.I will post pictures of my projects and tools as soon as I learn how to finish building this web page!!