My Lathe




This is an EMCO Maximat V10-P. It was made in Austria and is no longer produced, there fore parts and accessories are not available or very expensive. It is 10” x 29”, has a power x-feed and milling head attachment. Only thing I have found that I do not like is that I can’t cut metric threads. It is considered by many to be the Rolls Royce of bench lathes. The only tooling I got with it was a 3 jaw chuck. A 4 jaw is on my wish list along with installing a YADRO kit to it. The previous owner used it mostly for a wood lathe and it was covered with hardened sawdust and oil. I am still trying to get the stuff off!!

I also have a Unimat SL1000 that my wife gave me for Christmas 1964. I still use it occasionally for very small stuff.

I have not used the mill head yet because I have no tool holders for it and I have my large one. I am still learning to operate it and make predictable cuts.






My Mill


This is a Harbor Freight 33686 mill/drill. A lot of people don’t care for a round column version but I have no problem with it. It is very rigid because the column is solid not hollow. If  I need to raise or lower the head I have a magnetic base $10 dial indicator that I put on the spindle and all I have to do is match the before and after numbers. I have a full set of R-8 collets, a Phase II 6” rotary table. I wish I had waited a while and saved a few more pennies and gotten the horz/vert version instead of just horiz. My DRO is called a YADRO designed by Nick Mueler.  The Z scale is a 6” HF caliper modified to fit inside the front of the head. The Y scale is a 8” HF scale mounted to the side of the base. The X scale is a 24” that I cut down to 21”. The software is DOS based which runs fast and with no problems. No mouse to fool with and no crashing. It uses macros for all of the functions. I highly recommend it to anyone that wants a good DRO system for under $300 and is willing to make a few brackets.  The table is homemade from 2”x2” sq. When I first got it I ruined 4 good ½” bits before I discovered that the spindle was loose.