My Corvettes


My first was a 1957 that I bought in 1964 that had been sitting outside under an Oak tree for 4 years. It was in very bad shape and the inside was totally covered in mildew and roaches. The paint was very badly weather cracked down to the gel coat. I striped it and repainted it 3 times but they kept coming back. If I had the paint that is available today I probably would still have it. It had the 283 with one 4 barrel carb, 411 rear end and was quite quick.


Next was a 1964 coupe that I bought in about the latter part of 1966. I spotted it on a used car lot with a ridiculously low price. According to the salesman it had major electrical problems and the dealer had to repair it.  I had the 327 with single 4 barrel and a 4 speed. I bought it and had to push it off because it would not start. The only problem was a bad connection to the fuse box.

I later sold it because it was the only car we had at that time a family was growing.



My newest “Toy”

1998 C5 Coupe, purchased in March of 2010. I looked for a long time for a good clean car that had not been modded, was clean, and relative low miles.

Car is stock except for AirHog intake system and some cosmetic changes like Z06 functional rear brake ducts, painted calipers, and chrome rims.

Color is Carmine Red which my wife hates but I really did not have much of a choice of color when buying a used car.